Histology Processing Services

Pee Dee Pathology, located in Florence & Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, provides technical pathology services for clinical practices, anatomic pathology practices, and laboratories in the Southeastern U.S. looking to outsource their histology processing services. We provide high-quality-prepared histology slides at competitive prices with client service being our goal.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Histology Processing Services?

The optimal processing of tissue, slide preparation, and staining is crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease. Our experienced, registered histotechnologists and histotechnicians take care of every technical detail, allowing pathologists to focus on providing professional services. We have a fully staffed, state-of-the-art, CAP-accredited laboratory that is located centrally to major interstates in South Carolina, allowing for timely shipping or courier pickup and delivery in the Southeast.

In addition to the tech-only histology H&E slide preparation, Pee Dee Pathology’s comprehensive diagnostic histopathology service maintains an extensive library of immunohistochemical and histochemical stains that can be utilized, when necessary, to diagnose and sign out surgical pathology and cytopathology cases. Our anatomic pathology technical component services can bridge the gap between pathologists and their clinical colleagues by offering arrangements for technical pathology services that may not be available to pathologists locally. This histology tech-only program allows pathologists to concentrate on providing the most up-to-date professional component services to their existing clients and potentially reclaim work that may have been lost to other parties. Thanks to our process efficiency and technology, we deliver faster and better results at a lower cost.

Who/What Are Histology Processing Services Ideal For?

  • Clinical practices (e.g., dermatology, GI, and urologic) with an in-house pathologist
  • Pathology practices who wish to avoid the expense of or who do not have access to a full-service anatomic pathology laboratory. Our special stains and IHC antibodies are available as tech-only (stain-only). Many of our stains are also available with global options and options for use with image analysis.
  • Histology technical service coverage for vacation, sick time, and other potential service gaps
  • Providing histopathology technical services support for research

Histology Processing Services Offered

Processing of Formalin-Fixed Tissue
Paraffin Embedding
Cutting Slides from Paraffin Blocks
H&E Staining
Histochemical Staining of Tissue Sections
Immunohistochemical Staining of Tissue Sections
Cell Block Preparation
Slide Imaging

Pathology consultation and interpretation are available upon request. 

Proudly Serving the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina

Pee Dee Pathology owns and operates two anatomic pathology laboratories in Florence, SC & Myrtle Beach, SC where evaluations of surgical and cytological specimens are performed.

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