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Pee Dee Pathology Associates, PA (PDPA) has seven Anatomic/Clinical board certified-pathologists servicing eight hospitals, establishing a reputation for superior reliability and service since 1970. Additionally, PDPA owns and operates an anatomic pathology laboratory where evaluations of surgical and cytological specimens are performed seven days a week. Our dedicated professionals offer a level of quality that assures you and your patients the accuracy, timeliness, and confidentiality you expect.


  • Labeling Protocol for Biopsy Specimen Containers

    According to CAP (College of American Pathology) guidelines, all specimens received by a laboratory must have two patient identifiers on the specimen container. Along with the patient’s first and last name, either their date of birth, chart number or social security must be included on the specimen container. The patient information on the container must match the information on the requisition accompanying the specimen. Biopsy containers must include the specimen source, in addition, to the two patient identifiers.



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